The Internet is access to information from all over the world!

Discover the limitless possibilities of the Internet! Have fun, learn and improve your skills. Download and read e-books, magazines and newspapers. Stay up to date with the latest news. Watch videos and listen to music. Chat on forums and in chat rooms. Create a video conference with anyone, from anywhere in the world. Try new online gaming features.Mass text and media information. And most importantly – on the Internet you are free to choose what is worth your attention. Without program schedules and waiting. At any time, any goals, together with DKM.

Our job is to provide home users and companies of Krivoy Rog with high-quality Internet access at the best prices.

Tariff “MAXIMAL”
Maximum speed of Internet access – maximum comfort without restrictions    Check connectivity
Tariff “OPTIMAL”
The most popular tariff plan with sufficient for most tasks Internet access speed   
Tariff “SOCIAL”
Social tariff with the speed of access to the network up to 5 Mbit
Static IP-address
When using a dedicated IP address, you get a number of new features, including:

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