In addition to the classic access service, the following services are also possible:

Using the Internet access port
Servicing the connection to the L2VPN channels
Allocating a static IP address
Renting an optical fiber
Building fiber-optic communication channels
Building structured cable networks

Tariffs for business entities (bussinesmen, organizations, etc., of all NON-HOME users) *

Internet speed to 3 Mbps 130 uah.  per month
 Internet speed to 5 Mbps 180 uah.  per month
 Internet speed to 15 Mbps 250 uah. per month
 Internet speed to 100 Mbps 400 uah. per month. 

Connection cost is 200 UAH *.

Prices include VAT.

Dedicated external IP address:

An external IP address is required if you want your computer or resource to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Initial registration of IP address: one-time 60 UAH.
Support for external IP address for the year: 360.00 UAH.

Prices include VAT.

* The cost of connection may vary depending on the technical conditions, the possibility of connection, the amount of work and materials expended at a specific address.

Details of the conditions of connection and the cost of tariff plans you can clarify by phone: 067-522-49-85.