Our expirience

In the course of networking, DKM specialists worked out organizational and technical solutions that ensured successful design and construction. Installation of optical cable and equipment, produced with minimal cost, achieved through the use of modern installation and welding equipment of the Swedish company “Ericsson” and the Japanese company Sumitomo. The main technical solutions were coordinated with Ukrtelecom OJSC and entered into design solutions for the construction of general-purpose fiber-optic networks.

I would like to note that the use of leased optical fibers saves the customer from the need to service communication lines, troubleshooting and defects during operation.

Rent in most cases is financially and organizationally much more profitable than building your own communication lines.

We can also provide additional services:

  • construction of fiber optic links for telecom operators;
  • fiber optic soldering;
  • search and repair of damage to the cable;
  • input control.

For questions you are interested in, please call: 067-522-49-85

Additional services

Service nameCost
A call to a specialist at home (regardless of the amount of work)50 UAH
Installation / replacement of the connector (without taking into account the call of a specialist)15 UAH / pcs
Repair / replacement of subscriber cable in the apartment (without taking into account the call of a specialist)10 UAH / m
Repair / installation of the outlet (without taking into account the call of a specialist and the cost of the outlet)50 UAH
Drilling additional holes in the apartment (if necessary, re-laying the cable around the apartment without taking into account the call of a specialist)10 UAH. over the hole
Setup of a computer / router (without taking into account the call of a specialist)*50 UAH
Installation / configuration of third-party software (without taking into account the call of a specialist)**50 UAH / hour

*Depends on class of device and optional preferences like port forwarding and others.

**The software is being installed and configured with a free (free) license or licensed software provided by the subscriber.