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Інтернет у кожен дім

Attention! Tariff change.

Dear clients, since 1.04.2020 the terms of providing Internet access service are changing.List of tariffs with their cost from 1.04.2020: Name Price Social 5Мbps 60 UAH/month Optimal 60Мbps 115 UAH/month Optimal 60Мbps + IP 140 UAH/month Maximal 100Мbps 140 UAH/month Maximal 100Мbps + IP 165 UAH/month 6 months 100Мbps 600 UAH/6 month 6 months 100Мbps +

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

The DKM team wishes everyone a Happy New Year and Christmas holidays, we wish you all the best for the new year 2020. We remind you: December 25, January 1, January 7 – days off; December 31 – shortened working day (until 12:00); January 2 – technical support works. May this New Year adorn your

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Ukraian Defender`s Day

Our friendly staff congratulates everyone on the Ukraian Defender`s Day. We would like to remind you that Monday, October 14 is the day off. Warrior, glorious knight, You hold the weapon in your hands, To our country-state The evil did not invade the enemy. Be courageous and be worthy You are the glory of your

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Congratulations on the May holidays!

April 27 – only technical support works April 28 (Easter) – day off April 29th – only tech support works April 30 – full time (technical support + subscriber department) May 1 (International Workers’ Day) – holiday May 2.3 – working day (technical support + subscriber department) May 9 (Victory Day) – day off