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Static IP-address

Static IP-address

When using a dedicated IP address, you get a number of new features, including:

• creation and use of your server with domains and files, with a permanent address and the possibility of users visiting the server from the Internet;

• implementation of some IP telephony features;

• additional privileges in online games;

• implementation of the “digital home” capabilities (connecting webcams, remote control of appliances, etc.);

• the possibility of using additional security modes; • access to mobile commerce resources that require registration and a permanent IP address;

and much more…

You can make an application for the provision of the service “Fixed IP-address” in our office, at 13 Parkovaya Street or remotely, by calling us at 0675224985.

The cost of the service for home users is 25 UAH / month. (300 UAH / year).

Additional Information

If you have already paid for Internet access for the current month and, later, decided to connect a dedicated IP, call us, because IP is allocated manually (one-time). The fee for the current month will not be charged, and the next money will be automatically withdrawn from your balance (for the month).


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